website design

This responsive website design and identity branding for SunRipple, a surf photography and journalism magazine company based in Honolulu, is conceptual in nature as a formal and thematic ideal, which emphasizes graphic forms of typography and broad strokes of color.

identity system

The Miami Beach, Art Basel 2019 graphic identity functions as clean and resonate information design, yet something perhaps more interesting is an adherence to a rather simple everday language of bold typographic forms and neon colors. Including letterhead, business card, postcard, and envelope.

print design

A poster design for two exhibitions by students of the University of Hawai’i School of Architecture /// Is chinatown a “heterotopia”? Is it an 'other-space' that mirrors, challenges, or subverts the normative conditions of a larger urban landscape? Is chinatown an “amoeba,” forever fluctuating and changing. Is chinatown an ethnic enclave in a foreign city, or a foreign enclave in a located city?

graphic identity

The concept designs for Crèmè, a custom jewelry and fashion boutique located in Palm Beach, Florida, offer a simple solution of playful formal gestures as geometric triangles. With this tote bag, color takes on a deconstructionist language of minimal expression — a translation of the tropical landscape of beaches.


Logos should be capable of standing on their own as symbolic formal compositions of geometry, which intimately enter ones psyche with memorable curves and lines.

Concepts: 01. Bliss /// 02. The Parm /// 03. BrightLine /// 04. UH /// 05. Roster /// 06. Plinth

print design

This page spread concept for a fashion show and film festival in South Beach, Miami is printed on a nice grey mohawk paper with rich black ink. The design takes a playful typographic approach with an elementary school style and composition paper aesthetic.

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